Illustrations: "Plants of The Gouland Downs and Perry Pass"
Client - New Zealand Forest Service Government Printer ISSN 0375-0108

When this booklet got published, I was a bit devastated to find they had used an olive green ink on cream paper.

No doubt it was considered 'trendy' at the time, but the color combination did nothing for the photos or my 8 pieces of artwork, and it probably left most readers cold.

It's nice to be able to display the artworks themselves here in their original black and white - a lot clearer and crisper, too.

Manuka Leptospermum scoparium), Astelia (Astelia linearis), Gentian (Gentiana bellidifolia), Grass trees (Dracophyllum traversii), Mountain Daisy (Celmisia coriacea), Ferns (Cystopteris fragilis), Bulbinella (Bulbinella talbotii), Orchid (Pterostylis banksii).

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