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2011  Artwork: BBC TV Feature Film   Publisher - Momoco Ltd, London  Client - BBC
2010-2011  Illustrator:  "Taketakerau, The Millennium Tree"   Publisher - Steele Roberts  ISBN 978-1-877577-68-0
Client - Marnie Anstis
1999 Cover Artwork :   The Northland Telephone Book 1999/2000. Client - Telecom New Zealand
1992/93 Cover Artwork: Catalogues for First Release Sales of Boer and Zim Angora Goats. Client - Landcorp New Zealand
1992 Poster Design: Far North Pig Survey (set of 3) Client - MAF Qual New Zealand
1981 Illustrator: "Memories of New Zealand Deerstalkinged Tony Orman AH & AW Reed ISBN 0 589 01379 3 Client - Tony Orman
1981 Poster Design: Deerstalking and Range Shooting (set of 4) Client - NZDA
1980 Illustrator: Sunday Times Newspaper (4)   Client - The Dominion Post
1980 Cover Artwork - Supplement to The Gisborne Herald 3rd July  for 32nd NZDA Annual Conference
1979 Illustrator: "Plants of The Gouland Downs and Perry Pass" Client - New Zealand Forest Service   Government Printer ISSN 0375-0108
1979 Illustrator: “West Coast ForestsClient - New Zealand Forest Service Government Printer ISSN
1979 Cover Artwork: “Red Deer”, “Sika Deer” by L H Harris
Client - New Zealand Forest Service Government Printer ISSN
1978 Art Publication: “A Portfolio of Prints of Game Animals of New Zealand”   Client - NZ Deerstalkers Association (edition of 500)
1978 Illustrator: “ NZ Wildlife Magazine" Vol7 Issues 55/56
Client - NZDA   ISSN NZ 0028-8802


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