CGI Programming

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface - a standard method used to generate dynamic content on web pages. The CGI specification lets developers use a wide variety of programming tools that work the magic behind processing forms, looking up records in a database, sending email, building on-the-fly page counters to name just a few functions.

Most CGI programs are fairly simple programs written in C or Perl that can read and write data files, and produce different results each time they are run.

The best sites for CGI and Perl information and scripts are listed below. We have also searched Amazon and found the best CGI and PERL books - these are on the recommendation of other users - see below. Starts with beginners books on the left, working up to advanced on the far right:

CGI City
CGI Resource Index
CGI Extremes

Today's websites must offer increasing opportunities to interact with the medium, by leaving comments, filling out forms, joining membership sites, interacting in Forums, playing games, creating blogs, RSS - all of these are ways of using technology to broadcast information.

Further than that, movement has become important - sometimes for its own sake, sometimes to emphasize or underline action on the site - but also for a purpose, to increase impact and communication, like the new technology that allows us to listen to audio and video messages online.

Scripts are the secret behind all this interactivity. Scripts changed passive websites into active websites. It is scripting that drives the net, that allows us to do the things we often take for granted. Today even the simplest site can be jazzed up by some scripting that will bring the site alive and allow the visitor to feel there is something there to investigate.

More to come - Enjoy!