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Programming, Webtools and Scripts:-
Scott Willse
Costa Mesa, California
MSN:       scottweb51
Yahoo:       scottweb51
ICQ:       157093988

About Us.

  SCOTT WILLSE     Costa Mesa California.

I graduated from Costa Mesa High School in 1969.Then I went to Orange Costa College, where I was a computer science major and learned how to program on huge main frames. I have a passion for high-tech equipment and programming, having originally trained as a programmer, and I love computers, the intenet, and software programs.

I have been on the internet since 2000. I have a strong interest in helping people, especially with technical stuff, and I am very excited about the quality of our hosting, which we use for all our own sites as well. I am returning to programming and developing my knowledge and skills in the new programming languages that developed for the net since I did my training.

Web Hosting,Web Design and Graphics:-
Patricia Howitt
Northland, New Zealand
MSN:       the_junglequeen
Yahoo:       the_junglequeen
ICQ:       63756393

  PATRICIA HOWITT     Far North New Zealand.

I have been on the net since July 1996 and put in my first website from scratch in December 1996.  That was followed by Health News in the following year.     At the time, I had my own real-life graphic design and desktop publishing business, so my online presence was very much part-time, but I continued developing websitese.

Four years ago, I brought my business home and turned fulltime to the net. Since then, I have developed my webdesign skills, and now also offer high quality web hosting.

My Web Design services include:

  • Web Graphics - banners, headers, logos, icons;
  • Complete website design from scratch;
  • Customising templates - image-base templates are my speciality -
    I can redesign an existing template, or combine more than one, by working on both HTML and graphics.