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Tech, Programming, Classic Rock Music, SW Radio

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Welcome to ScottWeb51

Programming Languages, Scripts, Information and Resources for Beginning Webmasters
and Web Developers.

Programming Languages

Below is a list of the Programming Languages we currently have Information and links for on this site. You can also access tham from the links under Programming in the site navigation bar above. You will find our brief introduction and the resource links for these programming languages very helpful in finding what you are looking for, especially if you are learning to program.

CGI / Perl
C & C++

As I continue working up my knowledge on Programming, we shall be adding to this page and to the resources available on this site. Please check back.

HTML Markup

For those wanting to learn HTML and its variants, we shall be publishing links to tutorials and information under the WEBMASTERS link on the navbar above. This will include information on plugging in and configuring scripts.

Scripts are the secret behind all the interactivity and action on the Net. Scripts changed passive websites into active websites. It is scripting that drives the net, that allows us to do the things we often take for granted. Today even the simplest site can be jazzed up by some scripting that will bring the site alive and engage visitors.

More to come - Enjoy!

Scott Willse