Java Programming

Java is a programming platform created by Sun Microsystems back in 1990. Before Java the World Wide Web was limited to text and still images. Since the development of Java the Web is capable of supporting animation, graphics, games and a wide range of special effects. With Java, programmers are able to deliver what everyone on the net clamoured for - interactivity.

Interactivity has a full gamut of effects, from pure communication, for example by IM, by Chat Room, by Computer Games - to the complex financial communications required by Internet banking, booking of airline tickets and holiday accomodation, or purchasing from an online store. It is this range of interactivity and services that Java has made possible.

Here are some excellent sites where you can find Java scripting information and scripts. The first - is the fountainhead for Java. For textbooks on Java we have searched Amazon for the best - see below. For the best of the best, the Harvey Deitel book in the left column here is top class.
Java File
Free Cool Java Applets

The last entry above contains some very popular Java applications, such as the "rippling lake" effect and others.

These type of effects are the "Fun" part of Java.

Scripts are the secret behind all web interactivity. Scripts changed passive websites into active websites. It is the devlopment of scripting that drives today's Internet, that allows us to do the things we often take for granted. Today even the simplest site can be jazzed up by some scripting that will bring the site alive and allow the visitor to feel there is something there to investigate.

More to come - Enjoy!