Special effects on websites are most often products of Javascript. Everything from tickers, clocks, calendars, text effects, image slideshows, and cursor effects to cookies, pop-up windows, forms and form validation fall with in the scope of javascript.

Anyone wishing to use Javascript effects on their site can take heart from the fact that there are plenty of good scripts available ready-made, many of which require only a minimum of coding knowledge to set in place. Internet resources include tutorials for learning basic Javascripting, forums for helping people who are having problems in using javascripting on their sites.

We start off this page by providing links to the key Javascript sites on the web. These are excellent sites where you can find in many cases free Javascripts. We also have on display some of the best Javascript books available out there.

The JavaScript Source
JavaScript Kit
A1 JavaScripts
W3Schools Tutorials

Here is a Feed of the most popular scripts at Java-Scripts.Net:

The JavaScript Source

"We have put together a collection of thousands of free JavaScripts that are available to you for use on your Web pages.
The scripts are available via a user friendly interface including a working JavaScript example of most of the scripts and a text box with the complete actual JavaScript code used.
To start, just select a category from the navigation menu at the top, browse our Site Contents, or check out our 'What's New?' page to view the latest scripts on our site.
We also have a great JavaScript Forum where you can post script requests, script questions, and more. Check it out!" Free Java

Websites are no longer "advertising brochures" - we have left that phase far behind us.

Today's websites must more and more reach out to the viewer and offer increasing options, increasing opportunities to interact with the medium, by leaving comments, filling out forms, joining membership sites, interacting in Forums, playing games, creating blogs, RSS - all of these are ways of using technology to broadcast information.

Further than that, movement has become important - sometimes for its own sake, sometimes to emphasize or underline action on the site - but also for a purpose, to increase impact and communication, like the new technology that allows us to listen to audio and video messages online.

Scripts are the secret behind all this interactivity. Scripts changed passive websites into active websites. It is scripting that drives the net, that allows us to do the things we often take for granted. Today even the simplest site can be jazzed up by some scripting that will bring the site alive and allow the visitor to feel there is something there to investigate.

More to come - Enjoy!