Python Programming

PYTHON is a programming language that REALLY interests me and right now I am concentrating on learning it. The book I have - "Python How to Progam" by Harvey M Deitel (1st left on the top row below) is the very best and I cannot recommend it too highly - CLICK HERE for an overview. We have searched out other good ones below - Amazon is always an excellent place to check out customer reviews.

We shall be adding some excellent sites where you can find information and help on Python programming. For textbooks on Python we have searched Amazon for the best - see below and on the left.
Python Beginner's Guide
Python Wiki - Beginners Guide
Python DevCenter
Python Tutorials/Videos

Online Python Learners' Classes

In addition to, there are plenty of places online where beginners can pick up the rudiments of Python programming for FREE. Here are a few to get you started:

The important thing about Python is that it is the basis of java and of course it is Java that powers most of the interactivity on the net.

Interactivity is becoming so important on the net now that Python is becoming more and more useful.

More to come!

Scott Willse