XML Programming

XML is the scripting behind the current wave of information-sharing on the net. The most popular languages based on XML at the present time are RDF/XML, RSS, Atom, and XHTML, and these languages are opening up a whole new world of information-sharing like never before. The use of "Feeds" enabled by these languages allows users to be kept continually updated on new information being released in their fields of interest.

Here are some excellent sites where you can find XML scripting information and tutorials.

For textbooks on XML we have searched Amazon for the best - see below. Starts with beginners books on the left, working up to advanced on the far right.
Note: The first book on the left is a book about learning the theory of XML and it does that job well. It is NOT a book of XML examples.

Tech Republic
W3Schools Tutorials

Here is an example of Scripts at their best - enabling interactivity. And the new developments that have come about as the result of XML scripting have opened up a totally new world of communication - much faster and much more accessible even that the search-engines.

The sharing of text, image, audio and video files is coming into a new era, thanks to this special branch of scripting.

More to come - Enjoy!