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I'm an artist, designer, illustrator, with a wild past as a government lawyer.

My latest illustration project has won 5 awards since the book was published last year, including finalist in the NZ Post Children's Book Awards for 2013.     That's awesome for someone who spent her whole life to date wishing she could have gone to art school.

I love art, the Internet, graphics, design, the outdoors, writing and marketing.

I live in the Far North of New Zealand, on a 10 acre block directly under a bush reserve that has been a great inspiration to me over the years, in the company of 2 dogs, 3 cats and a few goats. Also, I have some wonderful native birds in the forest around my house.

I've freelanced in graphic design in the real world and on the Internet since 1996. I should perhaps say that for 10 years I also looked after my mom with Alzheimers - that forced my business onto the net, but it also took a lump out of my life.       During that time, my main client was Community Enabler, an Australian company - a wonderful project that sadly folded in about 2010-11.

Meantime in the middle of 2010, the book illustration job came up, and that was all-consuming for just over 12 months - 36 15"x20" gallery-quality, wall-to-wall acrylic paintings, which I still have. All that work is displayed at http://taketakerau.com.

Now it's time to start doing something serious for myself about marketing and earning on the Internet again.

Some of the Portfolio examples here are quite old. That's because the site is derived from one that I had online several years ago. I shall gradually be adding more recent work.


PS: The advertising banners you see around here are all for Traffic Exchanges and Internet Marketing Tools that I use myself and recommend - please join me if anything you see appeals to you. There is no rubbish or scam stuff on this site.

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