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This is Patricia Howitt and I'd like to welcome you to my new Internet Graphics and Website Design shop here at
TE Graphics.

I hope you're going to enjoy exploring the graphics and page design portfolios I'm setting up here. It's a good thing for me to gather all my Internet graphics work together on this new site.

I've been in the online graphics world for quite a while - if you need it, there are more details about that on the About page.

Work displayed on this site goes back several years, and the Traffic Exchange world has come on apace since I was last involved in it - something I am really excited about. TEs have so much more to offer now, in terms of personal branding and - dare I say it - entertainment! There are more 'service industries' like Click Track Profit, TE Command Post and Brand Me Tool, along with tried and true services like Vital Viral Pro - all of which make the new scene really exciting.

I am going to be adding more recent work over the next few weeks, so please call back and check the site out. Shortly, I shall be putting in the Order and Pricing pages so you can use my services.

Meantime, if you want to contact me, please use the Yahoo Messenger button in the sidebar - and in the Yahoo contact request form please let me know you are coming from this site, so I can approve you. (In particular, I never approve anyone who does not have a Yahoo profile set up and simply sends a blank form.)

You are also welcome to contact me by filling in the form on the Contact page.

Thank you again for visiting.

PS: The advertising banners you see around here are all for Traffic Exchanges and Internet Marketing Tools that I use myself and recommend - please join me if anything you see appeals to you. There is no rubbish or scam stuff on this site.

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